Covid-19 Procedures

Check in:
We have organized two different workstations in order to welcome each family representative and do the check-in safely.

Check Out:
For those who wish, it will be possible to check out avoiding going to the Reception.
Once you have left your card at check-in, you can request that the bill will be directly charged to the card itself.
You can request to view your account via e-mail, or comfortably in your room the evening before your departure, it will be our pleasure, if requested, to send you a copy.

All room keys will be sanitized upon your arrival

Cleaning Rooms:
A sanitation procedure has been organized by specialized technicians, therefore during the guest’s stay the room will be sanitized, while at departure it will be totally ventilated and cleaned, as well as all surfaces and a tag will be placed in the rooms. testimony that the room has been properly sanitized.

The cushions are cleaned and sanitized at each check-out. They are collected and perfectly sanitized

Our Linen is washed and sanitized by laundry with No Covid-19 Certification.

Air conditioning:
Our residence is equipped with a winter and summer air conditioning system.
It consists of heat pumps that feed fan coils installed exclusively in the individual rooms to be treated; there are no centralized internal air distribution systems or serving multiple environments.
Given that for a suitable microclimate, natural air exchange should be encouraged as a first measure. The internal terminal units (fan coils) serving the rooms and common areas are equipped with filters that will be cleaned with the frequency and methods established by the “Istituto Superiore di Sanità” with a specific document “Interim indications for the prevention and management of environments indoor in relation to the transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus infection “of 22/03/2020.
In order to ensure maximum transparency, the operating and management methods are described below.

In the room, each customer will be able to adjust the desired temperature and speed, or choose whether to keep the fan coil off. Cleaning and disinfection of the filter will be carried out after each check out by internal personnel trained for this purpose.

Common rooms:
In common areas, natural ventilation will be privileged as a primary measure, keeping doors and windows open.
Air conditioning will be activated if the climatic comfort conditions fail, while still guaranteeing natural ventilation.
Cleaning and disinfection of the fan coil filters, as well as the ventilation outlets and grilles, will be carried out every 7 days as required by the document of the “Istituto Superiore di Sanità”.
The common areas are sanitized according to the indications set out in the cleaning plan and using only certified products indicated in the protocol itself.

Parking area:
As far as possible, we invite you to find a parking solution directly within our Residence.

Sanitizing Columns:
At the entrance to each room and open space, you will always find a column with hand sanitizing gel.

Hotel staff:
Our collaborators attended training and information courses for compliance with the cleaning plan and the anti-contagion protocol and the Federalberghi security protocol.
All our employees are provided with personal protective equipment.